Tonies Hully Boo

Type: hullyboo

This little ghost is the main character of a wonderful audioplay-series. Hully Boo, ghost in training, and his little friend the witch Hedda Hex, want to improve their magic skills. This way their instructor Bartholomew Bat, provides them with a new task to complete in every story. 

The young ghost Hully Boo is excited about the new task his teacher, Bartholomew Bat, he has to find and inanimate object. Meanwhile, the little witch Hedda Hex get to know unhappy Polly. 

And don't be scared: the second story on this Tonie with a howl! Hully Boo is supposed to find his own eerie ghostly howl. Hedda the Hex faces a completely different challenge and difficult task. 

Run Time is 90 minutes