Sumblox Starter Set

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SumBlox mission is to bring about a lasting change in education though the creation of powerful learning games. They believe that you don't have to sacrifice learning content to make something fun!

In the Starter set you get 10 number 1s and 2 of each number from 2-9 and one number 10. Each set comes with an activity guide and maths cards. 

Sumblox are a set of wooden blocks shaped into numbers 1-10. Each block is proportional in size to the value of the number. A 2 block is twice the size of a 1 block and a 10 block is ten times as tall. 

By manipulating the blocks and stacking them in different combinations, children can learn to recognize numbers explore addition and subtraction as well practicing multiplication, division and fractions.

SumBlox are great for all ages of children and adults, but are best suited for children aged 2-11.  


What Can SumBlox Teach?

Students can learn a wealth of information though play and hands on exploration. These topics include.

Number Sense

*Number recognition  

*one-to-one correspondance  

* Compare numbers

* Counting

* Number sequence

* Understaning the base of 10 system

* Place value

* Measuring lengths

* Reason


Addition and Subtraction

* Solve addtion and subtraction problems using objects  

* Compose and decompose numbers

* Find missing addends

* Skip counting


Multiplication and Divison 

* Define mulipulcation 

* find factors of whole numbers

* Classify numbers

* Draw concuslions on numbers