Holztiger Small Wolf

Type: Small wolf

Who’s afraid of the big bad baby wolf?
This howling wolf pup is sure to strike fear wherever he goes. With a grey and white shaggy coat, which is hand painted, this wolf is the perfect addition to a meadow animal collection.

There are a vast array of play possibilities with this wolf; is he one of the many animals in the meadow and woods, stalking his prey, or is he one of the ‘bad guys’ in a fairytale re telling. 

Children will have lots of fun playing and developing their language skills as they impersonate the wolf’s sound or voice. 

Handcrafted from maple and beech wood. The watercolours are guaranteed non-toxic and the fine wood grain can still be seen after being painted by hand. 

All Holztiger products are recommended for children aged 3 and over. 

Size: 6,5 x 1,9 x 4,5 cm