Holztiger Proceratops


This wooden Protoceratops moved on four legs and was a herbivorous dinosaurs, which meant they only ate plants and other vegetation. This dino looks cute and unique and will make a great addition to your child's wooden animal collection. The main body of this dino is green with a larger head painted dark green, using only watercolours, paint on natural hardwood skilfully carved by holztiger. Create breathtaking dinosaur adventure with the Holztiger dinosaur collections.

Holztiger is a company which makes beautiful, unique handcrafted wooden figures. All their products are made by hand in Europe using resourceful solid maple and beech wood and painted using non-toxic, water-based paints to finish.

Using the powerful mind of pretend play, bring your children's imagination to life and watch these wonderful wooden toy figures come to life as they play and explore. The durable hard wood will stand the test of time in the playroom and Holztiger carefully make wooden toy figures for endless fun in mind. Allow young children to stimulate their own experiences from the world and help them develop and learn by playing with figures such as holztiger, to bring imagination to another dimension.