Haba Hanna Honeybee Game

by haba

Haba Hanna Honeybee. Hanna Honeybee flies over the colourful wildflower meadow. And just like a busy bee, she collects loads of nectar to bring back to the hive. Hannah's friends are waiting to turn the nectar into wonderfully sweet honey. Who will help Hanna to make enough honey to fill the whole honey pot? Part of the Haba My Very First Games range, a first co-operative game for young children, taking 5-10 minutes to play. For 1-4 players aged 2+.

Our co-operative games have simple themes that interest children and will encourage a healthy attitude towards working together and listening! They teach logic, consultation, decision making and creative thinking. Why compete when you can co-operate?

made in: Germany
made of: recycled card