Grimms Bright Boxes

Type: Boxes

Grimms Bright Boxes is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This set of 6 large wooden boxes in rainbow colors is a unique, versatile toy that doubles as a way to organize objects. Children will discover so many ideas for what to do with these boxes: Stack, Nest, Fill, Sort, Store & more! Kids can fill boxes with objects, stack or sort them by size and color, build using them, use them as a doll house or car port, place to collect treasures, and much more. Combine with other stacking toys, make new arrangements, transport items, hide objects underneath (play magic tricks!)... the possibilities are endless with this beautiful, unique, handcrafted German set. This larger stacking box set, suitable for toddlers and young children, combines nicely with the other large set of stacking boxes (available in Natural wood finish). Also available are smaller-size boxes in warm colors (yellow outside), cool colors (blue outside), or natural finish. Also look for other wonderful Grimm's stacking toys like the Nesting Bowls in several colors, Rainbow Stackers (also Fire, Water and Caves), Balancing Owl Blocks, Dolls and lots of different Stacking Towers and puzzles! Largest Box: 6 inches on all sides Smallest Box: 2 inches on all sides Stacked Height: about 27 inches