Grapat Tomten Nins

Type: Tomten nins

This Grapat toy set includes 6 Tomten Nins®, 6 mushrooms, 18 counters, 6 green trees, 3 bee hives/honeycombs and 3 tear drop shape bushes/trees.

At first glance this Tomten Nins® scene is a quintessential reflection of a group of elves in their home deep within the forest. But if you look closer, you'll spot wooden counters for sorting and counting games, mushrooms to lend to other forest scenes, honeycombs or bee hives for stacking, hiding and sorting. The green wooden cone shape trees can become rockets shooting into the sky, with the adorable, rainbow colours Tomten Nins® representing family members or becoming crucial characters in your story sacks.

Suitable for 3 years + Tomten Nins® measure 7cm in height